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Remove bunch of hacks/legacy from our build

- remove compiler hacks

- remove now unneeded compiler configuration

- remove forks

- remove maven replacer plugin

- update few plugins

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Revert "AS7-6639 Add synchronization to workaround ISPN-2866"

This reverts commit 686cacaf15e717760259f15f6f7fe11d8fa0e049.

AS7-6598 JSR-344 JSF 2.2 support

Fixing jbossws hudson regressions due to security domain and http connector removal operation now requiring reload

AS7-6565 change driver-name in case of driver deployed as part of ear archive

Remove an outdated hack to include Java EE common annotations API jar in endorsed path for @Resource(lookup=...) support

AS7-6599 Update web-common pom.xml to use 1.2 version of common annotations API

[AS7-6599] Update common annotations API spec version to 1.2

[AS7-6609] Remove JSR-88 spec API JAR

[AS7-6609] Remove JSR-88 support

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[AS7-6546] Check the class name when adding a names handler that might already exist. This happens at the switch between the boot logging configuration and subsystem logging configuration. Subsystem logging always overrides boot logging.

Remove unnecessary annotation

AS7-6639 Add synchronization to workaround ISPN-2866

Enabling authentication mechanisms based on the realm capabilities.

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AS7-6638 enabled attribute should have default == false when created from cli

Activation of cluster passivation test (AS7-4246)

AS7-6570 - Require JDK7

Upgrade javamail to 1.4.6

AS7-6620 ManagedDomainDeployableContainer kills the managed server instead of regular shutdown in stop() on Windows

AS7-6630 - Unable to change attributes of Mail session through cli

AS7-6619 Management API for Datasources subsystem is missing some properties

Remove reverse compatibility checks

AS7-6357 Don't create a fully functional timer serivce for EJB's that do not have timer methods

Fix domain tests and read-resource for redirected operation

AS7-6627 - add @Ignore for intermittently failing TransactionTestCase.testUserTransaction

Fix tests following move to undertow as the domain http server

Ignore the client/shade/dependency-reduced-pom.xml


Use schema version 2.0

Move undertow-domain-http-interface into domain-http-interface and get rid of the temporary undertow-domain-http-interface module

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