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[WFLY-8778] realm identity resources replaced by realm operations

[WFLY-8777] Allow skipTests in mixed-domain module

Merge pull request #10055 from pferraro/capability

WFLY-8594 Loading custom infinispan cache store from custom module fails

WFLY-8774 Fix potential race between startup deployments and the SSO service

[WFLY-8773] Update EjbClientContextSetupProcessor.RegistrationService#transformOne to make use of the SSLContext for a remote outbound connection

Merge pull request #10051 from kwart/WFLY-8624-https-authentication-factory-tests

[WFLY-8624] Create test case for http-interface authentication secured by Elytron http-authentication-factory

Merge pull request #10047 from mnovak1/master

WFLY-8751 test fix MDB20TopicTestCase testEjb20TopicMDBs - assert tha…

WFLY-8755 Undertow host locations are not exposed to mod_cluster load balancer

Merge pull request #10052 from jmesnil/WFLY-8746_RejectedExecutionException

[WFLY-8746] RejectedExecutionException in the MDB during shutdown

Merge pull request #10050 from rhusar/WFLY-8752

WFLY-8752 Deprecate modcluster subsystem /ssl=configuration resource

Merge pull request #10056 from pferraro/clustering

WFLY-8585 /subsystem=jgroups/channel=foo/fork=bar:remove operation leaks resources

WFLY-8766 Fix issue with transient dependencies

[WFLY-8765] IIOP migration: only print warnings when legacy configuration is invalid (backward compatibility)

WFLY-8585 /subsystem=jgroups/channel=foo/fork=bar:remove operation leaks resources

Cleanup capability dependency logic.


Generalize election policy capability.

Remove deployment unit attachment on undeploy or provide explanation for why it is retained

Cleanup cache component/capability dependency logic.

WFLY-8764 The WildFly pom.xml is overriding the version of WildFly discovery client

Consolidate cache store capabilities.

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ServiceNameProvider implementation for capabilities.

ServiceNameProvider implementation for capabilities.

WFLY-8762 WebSocketsDefinition BUFFER_POOL and WORKER are not configured as capability references

Replace redundant ComponentServiceNameFactory with ResourceServiceNameFactory.

WFLY-8594 Loading custom infinispan cache store from custom module fails

WFLY-3854 jdk9 domain work

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[WFLY-8746] RejectedExecutionException in the MDB during shutdown

The PooledConnectionFactoryService was is used by MDB was not depending

on the service controlling the lifecycle of Artemis client thread pools.

It was possible that the thread pools were cleaned (and stopped) before

the MDB was stopped causing RejectedExecutionException during MDB code


JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-8746

Merge pull request #10026 from fjuma/WFLY-8721

[WFLY-8721] Fix test failures that occur when different values for node0 and node1 are used

Merge pull request #10025 from kwart/WFLY-8720-unignore-identity-switching-tests-elytron

[WFLY-8720] Unignore and fix tests for switching identities in Elytron