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WFLY-10009 maximum timeout attribute

WFLY-10492 Upgrade Infinispan to 9.3.1.Final

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Merge pull request #11428 from scottmarlow/WFLY-10683

WFLY-10683 upgrade to Javassist 3.23.1-GA for improved handling of newer JDKs

Merge pull request #11425 from spyrkob/patch-2

[WFLY-10681] Upgrade JBoss Ejb Client to 4.0.11.Final

Merge pull request #11421 from ropalka/WFLY-10578

[WFLY-10578] Eliminating deprecated DependencyType usages - final round.

[WFLY-10288] Move the BeanValidationEE8TestCase to the integration tests.

Merge pull request #11394 from dcihak/upstream-WFLY-10533

[WFLY-10533] Test configures JASPI in security subsystem and sends HT…

WFLY-10683 upgrade to Javassist 3.23.1-GA

[WFLY-10703] Upgrade to Galleon and WildFly Galleon Plugins 2.0.0.Alpha4

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Merge pull request #11392 from ochaloup/WFLY-10665-xts-.net-async-enable-by-system-property

[WFLY-10665] enable xts .net async registration by system property

[WFLY-10681] Upgrade JBoss Ejb Client to 4.0.11.Final

Merge pull request #11393 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-10666

WFLY-10666 ApplicationSecurityDomainDefinition.knownApplicationSecuri…

Merge pull request #11400 from wildfly-security-incubator/WFLY-10614_I

[WFLY-10614] Update the application-security-domain resource in the Undertow subsystem to support direct security-domain references.

Merge pull request #11402 from pferraro/infinispan-9.2

WFLY-10649 Fix CacheConfigurationException if cache memory was configured with a maximum size, but max-active-sessions is unbounded

Merge pull request #11404 from aloubyansky/WFLY-10670

[WFLY-10670] servlet galleon-pack domain-interfaces.xml uses wrong in…

Merge pull request #11410 from TomasHofman/WFLY-10686

WFLY-10686 Fixing JCA pool statistics tests after JBJCA-1375

Merge pull request #11413 from jbosstm/WFLY-10541

WFLY-10541 Allow the user to override the Narayana node name on the c…

Merge pull request #11418 from xstefank/wfly-10184

[WFLY-10184] HibernateValidatorPermission is missing for several tests

Merge pull request #11419 from treblereel/WFLY-10690

[WFLY-10690] Rename module name of rxjava

Merge pull request #11420 from pferraro/clustering

WFLY-10661 Fix IllegalMonitorStateException if distributed session invalidated after redirect

WFLY-10652 Ensure that DistributedSingletonServiceBuilder always applies a DistributedSingletonService decoration even when ServiceBuilder.setInstance(...) is not called. (#11422)

[WFLY-10290] OpenJDK ORB connection cache refactor (#11403)

[WFLY-10288] Remove Java EE 8 temporary tests and the standalone-ee8.xml template. Remove other references to the ee8.preview.mode.

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[WFLY-10288] Remove jboss-jaxws-api_2.2 and move to jboss-jaxws-api_2.3 for Java EE 8.

[WFLY-10288] Update the documentation for Java EE 8 and remove the Java EE 8 preview references.

Merge pull request #11340 from scottmarlow/WFLY-10519_jpa22

/WFLY-10519 remove Hibernate JPA 2.1 + Hibernate ORM 5.1.x + Hibernate Search 5.5.8

[WFLY-10578] Eliminating deprecated DependencyType usages from JNDI subsystem.

WFLY-10661 Fix IllegalMonitorStateException if session invalidated after redirect

[WFLY-10184] HibernateValidatorPermission is missing for several tests

Merge pull request #11412 from pferraro/master

WFLY-10689 Drop obsolete Infinispan dependency on commons-pool