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AS7-3649 Turn on HQ persistence

AS7-3613 fix remaining mgmt protocol uris

Reorder version properties

AS7-3647 add default-virtual-server and native write-attribute handler

Update to Console 1.0.1.Final

[AS7-3643] Set server restart op was not getting registered in domain mode

Fix up small xsd irregularities in transaction modein Infinispan subsystem. Adjust one reload required test in CacheConfigAttributeHandlers.

Enhancing RunAs testcase on basis of JBPAPP-7897

[AS7-3642] Workaround: Disable bean validation for JCA

AS7-2154 - vault.bat script for windows and move util to bin

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Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.2.0.Final.

[AS7--3613] Surround possible IPv6 addresses in quotes

AS7-3540 make --gui connect automatically

Additional corrections to Infinispan subsystem validators.

AS7-3409 more precise results for deployment-info command

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[AS7-2241] Stilts fails in domain mode related to socket-binding and port offsets

[AS7-3641] - Lock down HornetQ default cluster user

AS7-3635 Optionally add the local EJB receiver to the default EJB client context

AS7-669 - better error handling for wrong posted content

JBoss Transaction SPI 7.0.0.Final

Update to Console 1.0.0.Final

AS7-3241, updating to use official scout-1.2.5 release.

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Update remote-naming to 1.0.0.Final

[AS7-3600] Make sure adding a HC interface gets propagated to the servers

Tests for WS ServiceRef from servlet , part of JBQA-5248 task

[AS7-2999] Some testsuite clean up and final change to avoid some reported regressions.

don't send the result twice

minor i18n update

[AS7-3603] Upgrade Remoting JMX to 1.0.0.Final

renaming connection-creation-options to properties, JBQA-5190