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[AS7-6720] Only redirect requests for the root context, the remaining requests can be rejected with a 404 response code.

AS7-6710 Configuring security realm throws NullPointerException when operational header allow-resource-service-restart is used

upgrade metadata to 8.0.0.Alpha1

Fix AS7-6714: Update to console 1.5.2.Final

AS7-6717 Upgrade Hibernate version to 4.2.0.CR2

AS-5737 workaround for ApacheDS IPv6 issue in LdapUrl class (DIRAPI-125)

WFLY-1420 Upgrade Narayana to 5.0.0.M3

Upgrade JBossTS to Narayana 5.0.0.M2

JBTM-1516 XTS: Common configuration is not available

[AS7-6497] Clean up transitive dependencies in build module

Change test to not rely on text in the error pages

Changing PicketBox version to fix the [AS7-5737] issue.

[AS7-5737] fixing interpretation of java.naming.referral=throw system property interpretation. It catches the ReferralException and continue searching the referral.

[AS7-6490] OSGi Stomplet/Stilts broken with Netty 2.6.2

AS7-6706 Move Webservices client-config management into an MSC service

Upgrade to 1.0.17.Final of EJB client library

AS7-6561 Make use of the marshallAsAttribute API for persisting the passivation-disabled-cache-ref attribute

AS7-5737 If the factory class in the reference is null search for a URL provider

AS7-6601 Test security 1.2.1 to 1.2.0 add op transformation

AS7-6601 Bump security mgmt API to 1.2.1

Update pom.xml javadoc incl, excl and groups.

Update javadoc script to match new modules dir structure.

AS7-6601 Bump messaging mgmt API to 1.2.1

[AS7-6647] OSGI tests failing intermittently

[AS7-6700] Remove R5 org.osgi.enterprise

AS7-6601 Bump infinispan mgmt API to 1.4.1

Back out OSGi HTTP service change

AS7-6159 added tests for certificate based authentication in remoting

[AS7-6664] Set the enabled attribute in the legacy enable/disable operations.

Added tests for each writable attribute. Fixed issues found by the tests.

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