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[JBCACHE-1612] removed logging of user+password when getConnection() fails
[JBCACHE-1610] Add cache.jdbc.node.useSetBlob cache loader flag to work around problems in Oracle driver and Blobs

[JBCACHE-1605] synchronize methods that change the Cache's state

Fix versions

JBoss Cache Release Script: Updating 3.2.8.GA_JBCACHE-1601
[JBPAPP-7049] Backport JBCACHE-1601 to 3.2.7

[JBPAPP-7049] Backport JBCACHE-1601 test case

[JBPAPP-7049] One-off branch

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[JBCACHE-1601] Test case

JBoss Cache Release Script: Updating 3.2.8.GA
JBoss Cache Release Script: Tagging 3.2.8.GA
[JBCACHE-1601] Fix data deletion issue with cache.getNode and passivation (for all but OPTIMISTIC, due to JBCACHE-1602)

[JBCACHE=1603] Change default eviction wakeupIntervalSeconds to 5 instead of 5000 for legacy configuration format

Update version info for 1.4.1.SP15

Tag 1.4.1.SP15

Update changelog for 1.4.1.SP15

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[JBCACHE-1600] CacheJmxWrapper no longer ignores ClusterConfig attribute.

Remove outdated JBoss EULA
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Remove outdated JBoss EULA
JBoss Cache Release Script: Updating 3.2.7.GA
JBoss Cache Release Script: Tagging 3.2.7.GA
[JBPAPP-5706] Port JBCACHE-1596 to 1.4.1.SP13

[JBPAPP-5706] Branch for support patch

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[JBCACHE-1596] Make eviction event queue size configurable, to avoid 200,000 node limit in a region with initial state transfer.

[JBPAPP-5172] Branch for JBCACHE-1590 port to 3.2.2

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[JBCACHE-1590] Rename CommandAwareRpcDispatcher stop() to stopDispatcher() to avoid name conflict with parent class's method

JBoss Cache Release Script: Updating 3.2.6.GA
JBoss Cache Release Script: Tagging 3.2.6.GA
[JBCACHE-1571] (ClusteredCacheLoader throws NullPointerException when configured with ignoreModifications) Fixed.
[JBCACHE-1582] (ExpirationAlgorithm doesn't evict nodes that have been created in a long Tx) Fixed test name.