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Siwtch RuntimeException to PojoCacheException inside PojoCache.




CacheListener api update

[JBCACHE-920] Port multiplexer integration tests to HEAD

[JBCACHE-913] Test that eviction works properly with state transfer nodes

[JBCACHE-913] Add an event to eviction queue for nodes created in state transfer

[JBCACHE-913] Beef up the evictionAfterStateTransfer test

Expose in the configuration whether the multiplexer was used to create the channel

Init of root node changed

Optimised NodeFactory

Optimised NodeFactory

Optimised NodeFactory

Fixed NPE

Cleaned up cache factory

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some api changes

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Move() related bugs

Added test case.

Added test case.

- updated tests, javadocs

Added test case.

- Fixed issues with AbstractNode.equals()

- Fixed NPE with Cache.getChildrenNames()

- Renamed TreeCacheMarshaller to CacheMarshaller to be in line with the Cache/CacheSPI naming

JBCACHE-907 Fixed size() problem with loader.

JBCACHE-909 CacheLoader and Collection.

Update with Collection with cache loader.

Resurrect the unit test now that JBCACHE-477 is fixed.

- FqnComparator should not be in the optimistic subpackage

- Fixed move() related issues

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Workaround for FqnComparator not being serializable