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Updated for partial state transfer.

Added tests and fix for JBCACHE-923

Removed sysout

Added 1.4.1.GA release notes

Removed JBCACHE-923 test (incorrect test)

Make fetchInMemoryState @Dynamic for use by Hibernate


Updated for new API

Properly clean up after eviction tests

added test for JBCACHE-928

Updated version

Modified so that it passes with CC

added missing delimeter nodes

Modified so that it passes under CC

Correct test

Repetition of a test in o.j.c.statetransfer.VersionedTestsBase

Fixed issue with unnecessary call up interceptor stack when notifying of node creation

Add comments

more sleep time to let eviction thread run

marked JBCACHE-880 as a known failure

fixed some stuff

Exclusion for CC

- Configurations are now cloned before being used by the factory to guarantee ownership

- Cloning configurations also resets RuntimeConfiguration of the clone

- RemoteCacheListenerTest updated for completeness and thoroughness

Committed half baked code by mistake

- Improved javadocs

- Improved javadocs

- allow for deep remove and get direct

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recovery of overwritten version 1.2