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Switch to new notification system

Resolve jmx test failure

ensure that the pojo package is api only

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Javadoc typo

Javadoc typo

JNDI binding is now a TODO

First JMX tweaks


PDF beautification

Update docs for current config options.


Dropped eviction thread freq from 5 to 2 secs

Bug in deferred notification of view changes

clean up thread local state after a tx commits/rolls back

fixed test

optimised tests to use DummyInMemoryCacheLoader as a stub

Added MapCopy to known types

file DummyInMemoryCacheLoaderTest.java was added on branch Branch_JBossCache_1_4_0 on 2007-06-29 13:33:37 +0000

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch


created a dummy in memory CL to act as a stub for tests that assume the rpesence of a cache loader

Fixed breaking UTs

Aovid NPE if we get a view after notifier is nulled in destroy

Fixed more BR brittleness

Fixed some pretty nasty BR issues

Context overriding in DGI

added to toString

fixed buggy stuff around BG comms

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Removed ugly and buggy bypassInterceptorChain Option

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Made ctor public

Add required impl for equals, hashCode

Support old versions of renamed attributes

Dependency inject MultiplexerService rather than doing JMX lookup