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[JBCACHE-1139] Confirm option survives CacheLoaderInterceptor call

[JBCACHE-1139] Confirm that BR works with autoDataGravitation=false and a CacheLoader

Remove unnecessary sync

Added test to check recursive removal of child nodes when removing the root node directly on the cache loader.

Removed unused method

Updated documentation

[JBCACHE-1048] TreeCache registers channel in JMX if it doesn't get it from ChannelFactory

Should be making direct cache loader calls such as put(Map) rather than a mod list

Better method naming

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Minor optimisation on initialising locks

attempt to fix buddy replication on tcp

test regular state transfer as well

Fix warnings

[JBCACHE-1123] - Non-streaming state transfer failures not properly handled

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Renamed AsyncFileCacheLoaderTest to AsyncCacheLoaderTest since the test is meant to focus on the async wrapper to the cache loader, and not specifically the FCL. Also replaced usage of the FCL in this test with the DummyInMemoryCacheLoader. Faster, more robust and less prone to file system cleanup errors.

fixed broken UT

JBCACHE-905 - Added ant targets to support building test code coverage using clover. Those targets can be invoked by calling:

sh build.sh with.clover all-functionaltests - instrument source code with clover during compilation.

sh build.sh clover.html - to produce html formated clover reports

sh build.sh clover.pdf - to produce pdf formated clover reports.

Fixed bug where newly created nodes don't have their versions incremented

Fixed broken unit test. These notifications have been cleaned up.

Improved error messages

Exception should have a distinct message if listener class is not publicly accessible.