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[JBCACHE-1091] Make SingletonStoreCacheLoaderTest create unit test configuration from UTCCF.

Consolidated JBCACHE-1026 tests

consolidated JBCACHE-1026 tests

Remove no longer needed constant

Optomize enum fields by treating them like primitives

test for JBCACHE-1026

bypass block/unblock calls

Made abstract to prevent IntelliJ trying to run this as a test class

Remove 'final' field replication support, which was broken anyway

Fix enum test

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[JBCACHE-1134] singleton store cache loader class configuration added and changed the way SSCL is configured in the XML. Also migrated push state logic to use java.util.concurrent package. Still missing, changing user guide for the updated configuration and an XML example in etc/

skip cache status check for preloads, blocks and unblocks


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Back to using listeners to generate startup/shutdown disruptions.

better javadocs

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refactored tests

Updated to reflect changes in JBCACHE-1133

Updated to add debugging

Upgraded to 2.5.0.GA

Removed DCL

[JBCACHE-1131] Genericize CacheJmxWrapper