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added a new unit test
[JBCACHE-1316] offer() is called instead of put() on the recycle queue to avoid blocking forever. Added unit test that forces recycle queue to fill up completely.
guard against ConcurrentModEx
made a defensive copy to avoid ConcurrentModEx
fixed test failure, incresed sleeping time to allow eviction to kick in.

Failed to : http://jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=132444

fix test failure by removing assertion: the problem is that eviction kicks in and removes the 5 '/org/jboss/cache/data' nodes before state transfer takes place, durring the addition of 25k nodes. Is is normal that the nodes are not being transfered
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Added tests for JBCACHE-1256
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Optionally more verbosity in toString() if trace is enabled.
JBCACHE-1230 - reduced noisy toString() implementations
Added test and fix for JBCACHE-1241 - do not remove internal fqns when removing root.
[JBCACHE-1246] Only remove fail-silently txs where we haven't registered a synchronization
Too verbose!
JUnit maxmem not adhered to with some unit tests
Removed generics - needs to be java 1.4 src compatible!!
JBCACHE-1246 - memory leak when using fail silently option
JBCACHE-1246 - memory leak when using fail silently option
[PCACHE-58] Tidy up and addition of Map test. In memory Collection load test has been commented as it was only used for comparison between the in memory loaded Collection and the CacheLoader loaded Collection case.
[00019737] Two test methods added. The latter replicates the issue the customer is seeing in this support case, where removal operations on collections loaded from cache loader mess up other instances in collection. The first test method does the removal of a collection in memory which works fine.
[JBCACHE-1235] Revert JBCACHE-1165 on 1.4.X branch
Releasing SP8
JBCACHE-1228 - optimistic locking interceptor always acquired write locks
[JBCACHE-1234] Handle defunct data owners
[JBCACHE-1234] Region activation requests partial state transfer from wrong nodes
[JBCACHE-1225] TreeCache._enqueueMethodCall must handle buddy backup FQNs
[JBCACHE-1225] TreeCache._enqueueMethodCall must handle buddy backup FQNs
Release stuff for 1.4.1.SP7