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Moved cacheloader migration code
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[JBCACHE-964] Work committed:

- Transforming Cache Loaders implemented and unit tests provided

- migration folder structure. See JIRA.

- build.xml modified to compile, jar, create manifest for migration jar

and also added examples and migration jar to distros.

- example created and tested; it includes readme.txt with details of the

example and how to run it.

Still TODO:

- Unit tests for transforming cache loaders need to run from build.xml

- Documentation for transforming cache loaders in users guide, what are

they, when to use them,...etc.

- Fix JBCACHE-877 that occurrs when unzipping JBossCache-core-2.0.0.BETA2.zip

and running the examples. Workaround is to bring trove.jar into its lib.

- Get examples/cacheloader-migration/build.sh working

- Move JDBCCacheLoaderOld to the migration side. It's not that straightforward due to classes in

/src having dependencies on it. Needs further study.

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