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[JBCACHE-1635] RemoveOnEvictActionPolicy should return true if node doesn't exist

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[JBCACHE-1633] ExpirationAlgorithm ignores entries loaded from a cache loader

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Add tranaction ID to log message about unmatched rollback.

Fixed some log messages

[JBCACHE-1621] Handle RollbackCommand processed before its matching PrepareCommand.

[JBCACHE-1621] Make GlobalTransaction unique even across a restart of an instance using the same IP:port

[JBCACHE-1620] Fix race condition when two nodes try to create the same child while locking

[JBCACHE-1619] Send rollback messages OOB

[JBCACHE-1617] Skip unmarshalling of return values that will be discarded when making a remote call

[JBCACHE-1618] Don't hard-code OOB to false

[JBCACHE-1609] Don't lock the entire parent's subtree when inactivating a region

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[JBCACHE-1607] Don't remove locks from other threads

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[JBCACHE-1616] Add descriptive message to error log, instead of just logging exception

[JBCACHE-1604] Fix NullPointerException in ResourceDMBean.invoke()
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[JBCACHE-1613] Put fix into a finally block so it works regardless of exceptions/early returns

[JBCACHE-1613] Fix data corruption between threads when using JTS transaction manager

[JBCACHE-1612] removed logging of user+password when getConnection() fails
[JBCACHE-1610] Add cache.jdbc.node.useSetBlob cache loader flag to work around problems in Oracle driver and Blobs

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[JBCACHE-1605] synchronize methods that change the Cache's state

[JBCACHE-1601] Fix data deletion issue with cache.getNode and passivation (for all but OPTIMISTIC, due to JBCACHE-1602)

[JBCACHE=1603] Change default eviction wakeupIntervalSeconds to 5 instead of 5000 for legacy configuration format

[JBCACHE-1600] CacheJmxWrapper no longer ignores ClusterConfig attribute.

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[JBCACHE-1590] Rename CommandAwareRpcDispatcher stop() to stopDispatcher() to avoid name conflict with parent class's method

[JBCACHE-1571] (ClusteredCacheLoader throws NullPointerException when configured with ignoreModifications) Fixed.
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[JBCACHE-1582] (ExpirationAlgorithm doesn't evict nodes that have been created in a long Tx) Pass command and transactional information to the eviction algorithm in order to find out expiration time and whether the call is transactional. This allows eviction transaction expiration tree nodes to be delayed until they've been committed and resolves a memory leak.
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[JBCACHE-1580] Ensure names of dead member backup node children are type Integer
[JBCACHE-1579] (NPE on some operations after calling removeNode on an unexistent FQN) Fixed.
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[JBCACHE-1578] (ExpirationAlgorithm doesn't seem to work properly when same fqns are modified and removed in parallel) Fixed.
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[JBCACHE-1577] (Cannot clear a distributed cache locally) Fixed.
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[JBCACHE-1575] Remove spurious WARN message from ExpirationAlgorithm when node is removed soon after being updated