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Merge from 2.1

Depend on core CR3

prepare for CR4

Merge 5170 from branches/2.1

Further reduce memory allocation used by thread context with lazy loading

Add clear() to the API which is a combined free + reset

Merge 4868 - Fix for PCACHE-56

Merge 5126

Merge 4859 and 4860

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    • +75
Merge 4857 and 4858

Merge 5127

Merge 5150 and 5149

Add @since

Implement PCACHE-59

Tag CR3

Disable tests that fail due to JBCACHE-1165

Fix invalid cache usage

Prepare for a CR3 release

Avoid NPEs in destroy()
Avoid NPE if asked to send a notification before plainCacheWrapper is assigned

Add pojo-run utility

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Fix regression

PCACHE-57 Add support for final fields

add missing snapshot repo

Tag CR2

Update deps

Merge 4774 from 2.1 branch

Add tolerance for new tx checking added in JBCACHE-923