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Fix deps

Added SVN ignores to avoid Eclipse project files or Maven target directory being added to SVN by mistake.
Remove legacy binding

Do not lock the parent node

Fix dependencies

Copy test configs that were excluded from jbosscache-test.jar

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Merge from 2.1

Depend on core CR3

prepare for CR4

Merge 5170 from branches/2.1

Further reduce memory allocation used by thread context with lazy loading

Add clear() to the API which is a combined free + reset

Merge 4868 - Fix for PCACHE-56

Merge 5126

Merge 4859 and 4860

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Merge 4857 and 4858

Merge 5127

Merge 5150 and 5149

Add @since

Implement PCACHE-59

Tag CR3

Disable tests that fail due to JBCACHE-1165

Fix invalid cache usage

Prepare for a CR3 release

Avoid NPEs in destroy()
Avoid NPE if asked to send a notification before plainCacheWrapper is assigned

Add pojo-run utility

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Fix regression

PCACHE-57 Add support for final fields

add missing snapshot repo