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Tag 2.2.0.GA

Fix PCACHE-74 (updating AOP)


Prepare for GA

Numerous changes to make tests work against MVCC and 3.0

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Update docs

Add array section

Sync 2.2 docs with 2.1 changes

Workaround aop console logging

Rmove SPI use from Set

Update to be compatible with core API changes

Update to commons logging 1.1.1

Drop two old out-of-date tests

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Create 2.2 branch

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Tag CR7

Fix synchronization issues in reference changes

Reduced log levels
PCACHE-72 - Implement PojoCache.getInternalFqn and PojoCache.getReferences

Thanks to Dan Berindei!

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Update to CR6

Fix state transfer race in notification tests

Merge 6113

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  1. ./tags/2.2.0.CR5/src/test/java/org/jboss/cache
  2. ./tags/2.2.0.CR5/src/test/java/org/jboss/cache/pojo
  3. ./tags/2.2.0.CR5/src/test/java/org/jboss/cache/pojo/demo
Temporarily fork JBossCacheDemo to work around API breakage

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unify versions to avoid confusion

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Tag 2.2.0.CR1

Update deps to latest CRs

PCACHE-68 Remove self-weaved interceptor stack

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Add notification support for arrays

PCACHE-66 - Add support for serializable proxies

Update to core cache 2.2.0.CR3

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Merge 5969

Fix undo support of collections and arrays

Use weak references to hold on to arrays

Only use array interception handlers on types that can be intercepted

Allow array interception to be disabled

Add a multi-dim test

Update to use snapshot versions of projects (requires local building atm until a release)

fix build

Fix build

Fix doc type-o

Fix build

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