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Use propper permissions

Tag 3.0.0.GA

Update docs for 3.x GA

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Tag 3.0.0.CR4

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Tag 3 CR3

prepare for 3.0.0.CR3

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Convert per-request DEBUG logging to TRACE

JMX/Parsing updates that get all tests passing

Merge link fix

Fix version link

Prepare for 2.2.1

Merge version updates

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Add version info

Update version

Update version

Merge doc update

Fix type-o

Fix type-o

Tag 2.2.0.GA

Fix PCACHE-74 (updating AOP)


Prepare for GA

Numerous changes to make tests work against MVCC and 3.0

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Update docs

Add array section

Sync 2.2 docs with 2.1 changes

Workaround aop console logging

Rmove SPI use from Set

Update to be compatible with core API changes

Update to commons logging 1.1.1

Drop two old out-of-date tests

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Create 2.2 branch

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Tag CR7

Fix synchronization issues in reference changes