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Branching for any 3.0.x releases

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  1. … 434 more files in changeset.
Added @NodeEvicted callback checks.
[PCACHE-83] Fixed docu.
Updated tests
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Use propper permissions

Tag 3.0.0.GA

Update docs for 3.x GA

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Tag 3.0.0.CR4

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Tag 3 CR3

prepare for 3.0.0.CR3

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Convert per-request DEBUG logging to TRACE

JMX/Parsing updates that get all tests passing

Merge link fix

Fix version link

Prepare for 2.2.1

Merge version updates

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Add version info

Update version

Update version

Merge doc update

Fix type-o

Fix type-o

Tag 2.2.0.GA

Fix PCACHE-74 (updating AOP)


Prepare for GA

Numerous changes to make tests work against MVCC and 3.0

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Update docs

Add array section

Sync 2.2 docs with 2.1 changes

Workaround aop console logging

Rmove SPI use from Set