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Big O notation fix

More retroweaving issues

added ant libs to jboss retro lib dir so retroweaver runs

JBCACHE-880 bug fixed

fixed unreachable code block (to treat added nodes as visited)

Added null chk

Cleaned up test a bit

Updated to clean up tmp dirs before running test

runs the test for longer to create a more accurate test

fixed test

fixed test

some stuff

JIRA-693 - Fix Locale issues

some stuff

Updated to test Java5 util concurrent classes

Allow the use of non-serializable objects if using JBoss Serialization

Allow for non-serializable objects if using JBoss Serialization


DV checks changed

Testing not checking DV types in prepare

Removed dependency on concurrent.jar

Fixed broken tests

25 millis not enough for async repl when using TCP

Preparing for 1.4.1.SP1

Added tests

Removed duplicate entry