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[JBCACHE-927] Fix backported to the 1.4.x branch

re-added tests that were otherwise excluded

Calling _lock() shld throw exception

Unit test replicating issue explained in SF case 00014268

tmp dir configurable

relaxed concurrency stress

Added known failure


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known failure

- fixed NPE with ConcurrentHashMap construction

- Better cleanup after test

- fixed NPE with ConcurrentHashMap construction


getchild() is no longer valid as a peek as it uses get underneath.


SQL Concat

Known failures

[JBCACHE-982] Don't complain if a tx is Status.COMMITTED

Dodgy leading /

modified chache loader configs so that to return the name of the correct associated class loaders

modified comment for sql-concat property

JBCACHE-981 additional internal mapping

added SQL concat initialization property for jdbc cache loader

test fixed - the new JDBC cache loader needs a valid conection on start so that it performs a backward compatibility check. The connection passed in was null so it failed

added sql-concat property for initializing the JDBCCacheLoader