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Javadoc typo

JNDI binding is now a TODO

First JMX tweaks


PDF beautification

Update docs for current config options.


Dropped eviction thread freq from 5 to 2 secs

Bug in deferred notification of view changes

clean up thread local state after a tx commits/rolls back

fixed test

optimised tests to use DummyInMemoryCacheLoader as a stub

Added MapCopy to known types

file DummyInMemoryCacheLoaderTest.java was added on branch Branch_JBossCache_1_4_0 on 2007-06-29 13:33:37 +0000

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch


created a dummy in memory CL to act as a stub for tests that assume the rpesence of a cache loader

Fixed breaking UTs

Aovid NPE if we get a view after notifier is nulled in destroy

Fixed more BR brittleness

Fixed some pretty nasty BR issues

Context overriding in DGI

added to toString

fixed buggy stuff around BG comms

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Removed ugly and buggy bypassInterceptorChain Option

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Made ctor public

Add required impl for equals, hashCode

Support old versions of renamed attributes

Dependency inject MultiplexerService rather than doing JMX lookup

Add CacheLoaderConfiguration to renamed attrib handling

Old attrib was UseInterceptorMbeans, not UseMbeans

[JBCACHE-1071] Merge CacheLegacyJmxWrapper into CacheJmxWrapper

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