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Add section id; minor cleanups

Add configuration diagram

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jgroups.jar renamed to jgroups-all.jar

Fixed reflection issue

Apply JBCACHE-1078 (Contributed by Vincent Marques)

Add collection notifications

Expand configuration discussion

Add ids for links

Add an id for links

Rework the discussion of "Replicated Caches With Only One Cache Having A Store"

Discuss injecting TM via RuntimeConfig

Minor fixes.

Correct source of notifications.

Make initialStateRetrievalTimeout @Dynamic

Update configuration discussion

Fix links

Add some more doc


Add to API docs in prep for Configuration docs

[JBCACHE-1075] Use jgroups-all.jar in Eclipse .classpath

Updated for CR2

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null chk

Switch to new notification system

Resolve jmx test failure

ensure that the pojo package is api only

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Javadoc typo