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Fixed bug where newly created nodes don't have their versions incremented

Fixed broken unit test. These notifications have been cleaned up.

Improved error messages

Exception should have a distinct message if listener class is not publicly accessible.

Updated for CR3

listener based fixes

Listeners should be public

- Wrap exceptions encountered when invoking listener methods in a CacheException and re-throw

- Made listenerInvocations map package protected, for access by unit tests

Tests multiple annotations

listeners should be public

updated test

Add TX notification test

Mark this class as not thread safe

Undo accidental change

Update documentation


How on earth did some of this sneak in?!??

Listener shld be public

Fix listener

Patched test

Added tests to ensure listener class and methods are public

CCL getChindrenNames() to return a Set<Object>

UnversionedNode's getChildrenNames() to return a set impl that can be marshalled efficiently

Listeners need to be public

Fixed NPE

Updated docs to reflect annotation based listeners

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[JBCACHE-1103] Finished the backport from head.

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fixed ut

Thread safety on get and exists

Implement new POJO Annotation Notification API

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