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teardown should not fail test

Update docs. Still alot more work to do here, but it's a start

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rolled back RegionManager enhancements

Update to 2.0.5.GA

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RegionManager enhancements

Changed to use state replication timeout

include classloader in toString()

revert test back to concurrent activation

block dispatcher during FLUSH

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Added exceptions to test

added null test

added test

Changed to use a ConcurrentHashMap to prevent CMEs when doing concurrent puts and removes.

Better javadocs

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Fix JBCACHE-1150

Remove dead and duplicate code

Simplify annotation handling

Added isValid()

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Logging verbosity

use default JGroups protocol settings:

bundling is on

no queues in thread pools

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag


Fixed broken test

Doesn't always throw DVE if the comparing class is not a DDV.

less logging

exception logging for BR state transfer

added check for NodeDataExceptionMarker

do not log exception twice

skip cache status check - needed for BR state transfers

[JBCACHE-983] - State transfer test failures ( to do with concurrent eviction and activation )