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Update docs

Add array section

Sync 2.2 docs with 2.1 changes

Null chks
MVCC is default node locking scheme
Commented out SearchablePojoListener and changed pojo dep to cr5
main method is not main
guarded against several @stop methods
updated file according to new eviction config
fixed test
fixed test
commited README.txt
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Edited LocalCacheTest and pom.xml -

Version changed to 1.1.0.Beta1 and JBC deps changed to CR7

jmx update - name can now be associated to a MBean
updated 2.x eviction parsing and .xslt to accomodate recent API changes
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    • +26
Null chk
Adding defunct root should be local only
Fixed broken/brittle tests
Copy and reset to consider lazily initialized node map
Better teardown
Removed unnecessarily verbose logging
Fixed more broken tests
Dont throw an exception
Updated eviction code and tests
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updated 2x-3x transformation
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fixed resource configuration files
fixed eviction config issue
moved to parsing directory
updated xsd after eviction refactorings
fixed UT after eviction refactorings
added warn re:message_bundling if not using a shared transport