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Cleaning up registry
adding some more jars for cbr
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Adding Framework for Content Based Routing. Not hooked up to a config yet.
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fixing build
Fixing build
Added an EchoRouter handy for debugging orchestrations
QA test for HttpListener
  1. /trunk/qa/junit/src/org/jboss/soa/esb/actions
Used by HttpListener
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Extends AbstractListener now
Every action pipeline execution is not starting an other thread anymore
Implemented a HttpListener using JBoss Remoting
Introduced the concept of an active and passive listener
Fixing test
switching to hsql
Fixing test
Add method childPropertyList() to get all child "property" elements that have name and value attributes as a List<KeyValuePair>
path issues running scripts from ANT build
fixed uid column i forgot to rename in the getMessage() call
use instanceof instead of getAddress() -
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Replaced by pdf
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Organize imports
Get rid of getConfigTree() and setConfigTree()
new Trailblazer v2
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