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Copyright statement added
Copyright statement added
Copyright statement added
Added jsch-0.1.jar license details
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This jar is used in the implementation of the RemoteFileSystem interface: SecureFtpImpl

See Jira tasks [JBESB-127, JBESB-197]

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These classes implement the RemoteFileSystem interface. see Jira tasks [JBESB-127 and JBESB-197]
Added RemoteFileSystem and related classes [see Jira Tasks JBESB-127, JBESB-197]. And details in the design forum.

Part of the refactoring to support multiple protocols for Remote File Systems

New FileCourier class
Updated comment.
Add more logging to ActionProcessingPipeline
Add logging to ActionProcessingPipeline
Added FileEpr and enhanced FTPEpr.
Added more unit tests.
Registry modifications made by Kurt on Tom's account :-)
add new juddi.jar
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fixing class loading
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removed - gplistener is dead
Synchronizing the registry
Add new NotifyConsole as notification target, and Notifier as reusable action
Removing wildcards
Added "Show All" and "Narrow List" functionality on the Manage Resources screen. This makes it a lot easier to understand what resources are targeted directly at the message flow.
Committing newly generated client
Put xml configurations in classpath for gateway listeners
Demo work