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Port changes from JBESB-3772 to 4.11 branch.

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Port Tadayoshi's changes to JBESB-3796 to the 4.11 branch. Add another Factory#createErrorMessage(...)

method, which creates an error message from the Call information.

Change the innermost ActionProcessingPipeline#processPipeline(Message) method to use this

Factory#createErrorMessage(...) method for error message creation.

[JBESB-3838] - Fixed the new HttpGateway HTTP status for JBossWS Native.
[JBESB-3838] - Fixed the new HttpGateway ignoring HTTP status set by SOAPClient, SOAPProcessor, SOAPProxy and HttpRouter.
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Change the log4j category to <JBOSSESB-COMMON-STRING>.<DEPLOYMENT>

.<SERVICE-CATEGORY>.<SERVICE-NAME> so that we can filter by

deployment and provide a case where all ServiceLoggerActions are


Allow lifecycle resources to be resused after MC redeploy: JBESB-3833
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Fixed current category name and changed category:action concatenation to category:service name



Handle DOMSource as a DocumentFragment rather than as a DOM Document.


Throw an exception on JmsCourier constructor of CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE is the acknowledge mode.

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Encode unsafe URI characters before creating URIs.


Add public constructors using ConfigTree.

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Add attachments to message from SOAP message.

[JBESB-3809] - Add support for <xs:any> data type in SOAPClient.
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[JBESB-3819] - Enable Content-Type to be picked up from ESB properties.

Fix ClassCastException by adding a cast to ConfigTree and add address of server to the route.


Add debugging statements to scan, update, and delete Statement methods.


Commit added files from Kevin's patch to make sure we only use a single XAResource in a transaction..

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Commit Kevin's patch for a single XAResource in one transaction.

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Added 1.3.1 schema parser, updated tests and merged xmlbeans config: JBESB-3806
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Add support for message flow priority: JBESB-3786
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Added support for altering the minimum/maximum thread count for a MessageAwareListener: JBESB-3785
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Decode all unsafe characters before sending route XML to Camel.


Use listFiles rather than listNames so directories are omitted.

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Make sure we URI-encode, but decode the spaces before we send the URI out to Camel.


If MessageDeliveryException occurs in deliverSync or deliverAsync, throw

a RuntimeException if isTransactional() and org.jboss.soa.esb.serviceInvokerRollbackOnException is set in jbossesb-propertis.xml.

is set in jbossesb-properties.xml.

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Creating the 4.11 CP branch.
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