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Add a property to BPM5Processor to reuse the session, rather than make

reused sessions the default behavior.

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Upgrade jruby to 1.7.4


Check in Tadayashi Sato's patch for the security fix in JBossWS CXF to fix the

webservice_consumer[12] quickstarts.


Patch HelloWorldWS to comply with CXF changes.


Commit David van Balen's patch to enable XSLT parameters support in XsltAction.

Properties "xslt-params" and "object-paths" are added to XsltAction configuration by this patch.

Also, fixes so that tests and build work correctly, including JBESB-3918, JBESB-3915, and JBESB-3910.

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Create the JBESB_4_11_CP2 branch

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