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Switch misplaced message creation between SOAP/SOAP12 cases.


Fix a fault that was only sending SOAP 1.2 faults.


Merge changes from JBESB-3946.

Create GSS-5.3.1-ONEOFF-1003 from JBESB_4_11_CP2 branch @ revision 38380.

Remove GSS Oneoff branch

Exclude AOP from tests to prevent failures.

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Merge changes from JBESB-3946.

Merge over changes from JBESB-3919.

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Merge JBESB-3933 to one-off branch.

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Exclude missing openid dependencies.

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Rename branch.

Creating a branch for oneoffs for Allianz
Bug 947952: Backport fixes to JBESB-3919 to the patch branch
Bug 947952: One-off patch to backport fixes from JBESB-3907 to SOA-P 5.2.0 + Rollup patch 20120417
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Bug 947952: Create tag for one-off patch, based on roll-up patch 801872
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Deleting patch tag, as it was based off the wrong branch
Bug 947952: Create tag for one-off patch

Update the release notes for the 4.12 release.

Problem building on hudson with ivy configurations - trying to

exclude dependencies so we can build.


Exclude openid4java dependencies from picketlink - seems like a pom.xml replacement error.


Register a classification with the ESB host / web port attached to the

binding so that we do not register duplicate bindings.


Upgrade ESB version strings to 4.12

Create the ESB 4.12 tag.

Creation of the JBESB_4_11_CP2_CR1 tag.

Creating 5.3 rollup tag

Back out changes to support the admin-console in the project on top of jboss-5.1.0.GA in the branch

for the platform.


Catch the NPE and refresh the database in the instance that Oracle shuts down.

Create 10/01/2012 5.2 rollup for SqlTableGatewayListener fix.

After talking to Doug, decided to rename the 5.3.0 CR1 tag as JBESB_4_11_CP1_CR1.

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Commit Kevin's fix for duplicate classes in test-util.jar to the tagged branch.