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oops removing two bogus entries
updating for jBPM jars
Fixing the cp to reflect the new milyn jars.
Upgrading to xmlbeans-2.2.0 to get rid of warnings.
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moving the xerces jar up or else the validation fails.
changing the default properties. Moving cp to make it look nicer.
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Adding tb/client/src to the cp.
changing the names of the to be generated files. Adding right namespace.
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my eclipse cp
adding new IDE cp
updating cp
removing pro from build classpath
adding sadun jars to classpath
most recent cp
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Working on ReplyListener qa test
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Adding Framework for Content Based Routing. Not hooked up to a config yet.
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Made sure all occurrences of lib/ejb became lib/ext/ejb
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Merge of reachitecture branch with trunk: adding in EPR and Message format support.
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update classpath
Moving eclipse's files
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