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Upgrade ESB version strings to version 4.12.

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Merge changes from the 4.11 CP branch back to trunk.

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Added jbpm5 docs, moved persistence JARs from quickstart to jbpm5.esb, and fixed the classpath.

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[JBESB-3767] - Excluded deprecated commons-httpclient and included AopC jar.
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Fix issues with JAAS jar and issues with multiple versions of AspectHandler class being pulled in.

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Commit RouteRecording filter. Can be configured in either the service or

the message, but must first be enabled in jbossesb-properties.xml

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Add test-util.jar to samples/testlib.


Make sure we pass the no.ivy property, make sure we skip deploy.console

if jbossas4 build.

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Merge JBESB_4_10_CP changes to trunk for 4.11.

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Use ivy to pull down mvel2-drools JAR.

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Update to drools 5.2.0.Final.

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Only compile AS6 bits if we are using java 1.6.

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Upgrade version number for the 4.10 release.


Add a flag for turning off ivy resolution.

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Removed EULA from project.

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Merge the 4.9CP changes back into trunk. Also merge the patches

from JBESB-3580 into trunk.

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Remove the old PDF and odt files, fix the build so that building the docbook

docs happens install.docs, and copy all of the PDF output into the docs directory.

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move clean operations: JBESB-3436
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Change version to 4.9: JBESB-3417

Make sure we keep the target name, remove the target contents.


Remove systinet from the default build - systinet cannot be built on the

build machine at the moment because compiling the integration now requires

the Systinet UDDI classes. Need to either pre-install Systinet on the

build machine or find some other solution that allows us to compile against

the Systinet JARs.

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code merge of 4.7CP2 ER2: JBESB-3328
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Pass jvmargs through runant macro: JBESB-3273
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Build not cleaning the ftp/build folder

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Update registry to jUDDI v3: JBESB-2427
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JBESB-2960: Update version
First commit of findbugs changes: JBESB-2867
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Build and install jopr console and plugin: JBESB-2907
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