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Merge from workspace/dbevenius/trunk 12715:12752 . Work for JIRA JBESB-509, Change source tree structure

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JBESB-638, initializing just once.
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Adding the JmsMessageId -> MessageId property back in for jmeter testing. Someone took it out.
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because you never can tell ...
Fix RelatesTo serialisation: JBESB-637
Use value
Add wiretap implementations
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Ignore empty RelatesTo elements
Chain exceptions
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Fixed fault deserialisation: JBESB-636
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JBossWS 2.0.0 integration:

1) Broke all the SOAP/Webservice related components out into the soap.esb service.

2) Added "JAXB Introductions" feature whereby we can "introduce" JAXB annotations into typesets that are not JAXB annotated, allowing us to expose these interfaces through the JBossWS 2.0.0 container.

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Updated actions to terminate action pipeline: JBESB-624
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Handle null message responses: JBESB-627
Put back fixes that were overwritten by latest beve checkin.
JBESB-598, adding deadletter service quickstart
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Disable read only remote file system test
Stop database after test

Suppress warnings on SessionFactory sf never being read.


Remove unused variable prefix.


Remove unused variable.

Configure JUnit 4 test adapter
Fixed javadoc warnings

Merge form workspace/dbevenius. JIRA: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBESB-533 FTP bus that is read-only
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JBESB-610 Adding emma for services code coverage
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JBESB-526 Setting correct emmma jar dir
JBESB-526 adding product/lib/ext to the services classpath
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JBESB-526 Adding a copy of junit in lib/ext so CI won't die
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Fixed message test: JBESB-625
JBESB-526 moving build-time jars
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