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JBESB-1114, new juddi.war, came with a new juddi.jar which now supports a prefix to the table names.
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JBESB-1051, Adding a new jUDDI jar, with the fix. It also now comes with the create.sql scripts build-in. So the code was slightly updated to use those.
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JBESB-752 Updating the SQL for Oracle for jUDDI, sorry didn't mean to change this file.
JBESB-752 Updating the SQL for Oracle for jUDDI
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good for unittesting with mysql
Fix for JBESB-495 Adding true categorization. No longer are we adding the category name to the service name. Adding the classificationScheme

to the juddi database.

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change varchar to text
removing the 2.
fixing grant
fixing grant
Checking in the first embedded uddi code.
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