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Check in Kevin's fix for FileStreamSplitter + tests.

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Need to take into account an expired transaction in testing XA/non-XA in JMSConnectionPool.

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Commit David van Balen's patch to enable XSLT parameters support in XsltAction.

Properties "xslt-params" and "object-paths" are added to XsltAction configuration by this patch.

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Attempting to recommit the second test - I can't see the failure anymore, at least on Mac OS X.


Fixed PropertySubstituter so that it handles {property} and handles multiple property substitutions.

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Add a test for Windows file locking / FileUtils.renameTo()

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Set the FaultTo and ReplyTo to the response header in the 'try' block, and reset them to the request

header in the 'finally' block. Modify the existing unit tests to verify them being retained.

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Add another Factory#createErrorMessage(...) method, which creates an error message from the Call information.

Change the innermost ActionProcessingPipeline#processPipeline(Message) method to use this Factory#createErrorMessage(...) method for error message creation.

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Merge changes from the 4.11 CP branch back to trunk.

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Exclude AOP versions other than the jdk50 version.

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Add global action pipeline interceptors.

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Commit RouteRecording filter. Can be configured in either the service or

the message, but must first be enabled in jbossesb-properties.xml

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Add a streaming aggregator.

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Upgrade to scout-1.2.6. Comment out test_JBESB_1428_02 which breaks somewhere in hsqldb due to

the scout upgrade. Make changes to JAXRRegistryImpl to respond to changes in

getTModelBagFromSpecifications (now receives specifications as Concepts rather than as SpecificationLinks).

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Make BinarySecurityToken an interface and make the implementation pluggable.

Adding a property to the security section of the jbossesb-properties.xml

containing your implementation class name makes it pluggable :

example :

<property name="org.jboss.soa.esb.services.security.auth.ws.binarysecuritytoken.implementationClass" value="org.jboss.soa.esb.services.security.auth.ws.BinarySecurityTokenImpl" />

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Modify test.


Add a new logging action that can log text and messages based on log4j

settings set on a per service-category/service-name basis.

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Make sure that we handle ServiceNotFoundException in a better

way so that it doesn't prevent registerEpr from happening if the

service does not exist.

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JBESB-3730 "BaseWebService: DOMException: WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR when when running with JBoss AS 6.1.0.GA"

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comment out only contents of negative test.


Comment out negative test.


Comment out test.


Comment out doRun_PostDir_Same_As_InputDir to see if Hudson can complete without it.


Merge JBESB_4_10_CP changes to trunk for 4.11.

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Merge from the workspace where all of the AS6 support work has gone on

into trunk. Changes support AS6 vfs and CXF.

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Merge the 4.9CP changes back into trunk. Also merge the patches

from JBESB-3580 into trunk.

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Set esb TCCL before invoking servlets: JBESB-3412
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Enable caching registry interceptor, set default to SI cache life: JBESB-3224
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Add support for annotated actions

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Commit juddi 3.0.3 artifacts - will remove the JARs and add ivy references

as soon as these are available with the apache maven repo. Change build

files to use the 3.0.3 artifacts, changed the juddi.keygenerator to point

to jUDDI's new DefaultKeyGenerator, and changed one like of JAXRRegistryUnitTest

so that the database is stopped rather than started at the end of the

test cycle.

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