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Implement a common codebase on which war based sub deployments (gateways etc) can be based


Implement new HttpGateway based on war sub deployments


Add a quickstart for http-provider


Add v1.2 XSD


http-listener: Add security related intergration code e.g. mapping auth info onto message etc

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Merging CP1 changes over to trunk: JBESB-1577
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Work for JBESB-719 "The messages can be lost in case of ESB termination".

This commit takes care of step 1, which is to add the ability to configure the acknowledge mode for

jms session.

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Commit JCA/JMS integration: JBESB-439
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Work for JBESB-646 "NON_PERSISTENT JMS messaging"

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Took some feedback from Burr Sutter and split the Service message counts out

so that we can have counts by individual action. Changed the object name of

ListenerControllers, added XML to ListenerController. Also, added the

is-gateway flag to the ConfigTree if it's a gateway and fixed GeneratorUnitTest

and its serialized XML so that the change didn't break tests.

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Merge from workspace/dbevenius/trunk 12715:12752 . Work for JIRA JBESB-509, Change source tree structure

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