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Provide an alternate log4j.xml for AS6 users.

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Removed references to smooks-cdr and admin console: JBESB-1870
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JBESB-736, JBESB-989 addressing issues mentioned in these JIRA. It's crazy we have more then version of this class.
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Remove dependency on jar target
Added smooks config to deployment
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Added a depends target to the runtarget so that the needed jars are created upon running.

Changed the default target to run

Updates to quickstart according to JIRA JBESB-490. Please not that there is another JIRA: JBESB-519 that will continue this work. So, this is a work in progress and I am checking this in to get feedback from Burr and Kevin.

Also, not that currently the business_server is not deploying correctly. This is an issue that will continue working on.

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changed default task to compile and jar
example of the splitter/aggregator
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