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Updated quickstart readmes
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more webservice cleanups + docs
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1. Broke out all the JAXB Intro code into a standalone module (extras/jaxbintros), ready to go to the JBossWS project when they're ready to take it.

2. Updated The JBossWSAdapter to no longer worry about JAXB Intros. This is all now handled by the jaxbintros module which contains a JBossWS endpoint deployer which looks for an jaxb intros config in the endpoint deployment (META-INF/jaxb-intros.xml).

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Fixed service peer dependency
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Updated JBoss Messaging queue definitions
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JBossWS 2.0.0 integration:

1) Broke all the SOAP/Webservice related components out into the soap.esb service.

2) Added "JAXB Introductions" feature whereby we can "introduce" JAXB annotations into typesets that are not JAXB annotated, allowing us to expose these interfaces through the JBossWS 2.0.0 container.

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Updated JBossWSAdapter to use JBossWS v2.0.0 codebase. Updated webservice_jbossws_adapter_01 quickstart. webservice_bpel is still out of date.
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Updated QuickStarts to build/execute in current hierarchies
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Tidied up for jbosshome: JBESB-578
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Added the inbound message to the outbound response.

"... Ah Goodbye then!!!! - YourName"

  1. ./src/org/jboss/soa/esb/samples/quickstart
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Updates to quickstart according to JIRA JBESB-490. Please not that there is another JIRA: JBESB-519 that will continue this work. So, this is a work in progress and I am checking this in to get feedback from Burr and Kevin.

Also, not that currently the business_server is not deploying correctly. This is an issue that will continue working on.

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Added synchronous invocation support to the JBR Gateway.

Added reply-to support to the action processing pipeline.

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Contract Publication stuff - to support wsdl publication, but can also support others - through annotation of the action class.
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Some more JBossWS changes.
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removed - checked in accidentally
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Added JBossWS Adapter actions. Supports action based JbossWS Endpoint invocation. Added quickstart.
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