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Updates to quickstart according to JIRA JBESB-490. Please not that there is another JIRA: JBESB-519 that will continue this work. So, this is a work in progress and I am checking this in to get feedback from Burr and Kevin.

Also, not that currently the business_server is not deploying correctly. This is an issue that will continue working on.

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  1. /trunk/product/samples/quickstarts/conf/jms
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Removed the ftp default value for post-directory as relative path which is not really supported in the current implementation. By removing it, the post-directory will default to the inputdir which is done by the code. Relative paths would be great and I think something that should be added.

Work on jbpm SingleCommandProcessor
More work on jbpm classes
removed extra print statements.
Fix jbpm simple1 quickstart
Use the standard JbpmTestUtil methods
method names changed
oops - put SingleCommandProcessor back
Factory based implementation of jbpm.SingleCommandProcessor
added copyright.
Modify classes and tests required by migration to jBPM 3.2
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Moved error messages to debug and changes console logging to show INFO upwards: JBESB-312
Mock the mocks to fix the tests :-(
Added asynchronous exception handler: JBESB-517
Fixed error signature: JBESB-516
Temporarily disabled a test - build needs the listener src folder in the classpath for unit testing - non-java files only.
Added Groovy Gateway.
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Migrate jbpm related libraries/classes to jBPM-jpdl 3.2
Migrate jbpm related libraries/classes to jBPM-jpdl 3.2