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Fix for JBESB-495 Adding true categorization. No longer are we adding the category name to the service name. Adding the classificationScheme

to the juddi database.

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JBESB-507 Adding new juddi.jar so we can override the JNDI settings in the configuration ising System parameters.
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Send juddi.properties for JNDI over as system properties.

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Just added a project description and also descriptions to the "short name" targets. The other targets are still there but don't show up when you run 'ant -p'. Just looks a bit cleaner.


Committing jbossesb-server-base.zip.


Commit jboss-messaging 1.2.0.sp1 jboss-messaging-client.jars.

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cleaned up so that the byte array wasn't dumped out to the console. Now it has nice pretty messages
BPEL webservice sample updates
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Allow early termination of the pipeline
Updates to trailblazer: JBESB-401
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removed due to many changes and incompleteness, will be checking in a new version when ready
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Removed the deploy target from this build.xml as this target is now imported from base-build.xml

Added jboss-messaging-client.jar to this quickstarts classpath

Added depends: PostOffice
Added depends: PostOffice
Added depends: PostOffice
Added depends : PostOffice
Added depends: PostOffice

Added depends: PostOffice

Added the depends: PostOffice

Added so that the queues depend on the PostOffice

Changed the package of CreateFile as it has changed.

Changed the package name as 'test' was missing from the package name.

Fixed an issue described by JIRA: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBESB-534

Removed the closing of the context in prepareMessageReciever as this was getting closed

but not removed from NamingContext's contextCache.