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Enhanced to validate test results - need to figure out a way to deal with messages that contain XML - as org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.SystemPrintln action results in this error: Content is not allowed in trailing section.

Modified to support use as automated test with org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.SystemPrintln actions.

Replaced use of /opt with /tmp for event text files.

Modified to delete the event text file at the end of the test.

Modified to always append to event text file - to handle cases where the same message should be written to multiple queues. Each test will now have to be sure to delete the text file when the test completes.

Modified to check for presence of output message in all 3 output queues - and to delete the event text file at the end of the test. Requires a change to rosetta/src/org/jboss/soa/esb/actions/SystemPrintln.java to always open event text file for appending.

Added org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.SystemPrintln actions to all (3) 'output' queues - also defined these queues to be read by adding jms-provider definitions original checkin only tested for presence of output message in one of 3 queues.

Added a check to make sure that properties that are added as jms properties have keys that are valid java identifiers.


Moved ServiecInvoker and MessageMulticaster to a new "org.jboss.soa.esb.client" package.

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fixed a name change from Daniel's recent branch merging problems.
Added comments re it not being a true multicaster in the IP sense of the word.

Deprecation of MessageRouter. Replaced uses of this class with the MessageMulticaster class which basicaly allows you to multicast a message to multiple endpoints, caching the ServiceInvokers in the process.

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Modified to support running as quickstart test.

Updated to include Junit assert for test validation.

Changed name to CommandMessage.
Work for JBESB-751 "SOAPClient: add a SOAP namespace property to the configuration"

Also removed javax.xml.namespace.QName from xbean-2.2.o.jar as this was causing problems when running soapui-client scoped.

Also added jboss-common.jar so that avoid errors upon startup and init of log4j (this is the reason build.xml was modified)

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removed send in favour of doc updates.

Commit management site code.

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Committing management jar code.

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Updated to specify that UTF-8 should be used and not the platforms default charset.

Added a unit test for ServiceMessageCouter and also extracted and created the method getObjectName.

I had a minor issue where my configuration was causing an invalid ObjectName to be generated and

and exception thrown.

Added JUnit4TestAdapter to the Unit tests.

JMS Header Fields and Propeties relatated Jiras:




updated year.
JBESB-710 no longer forking so the java process receives the shutdown signal.
JBESB-710, Adding a deliverOne and close() method to handle closing resources like ConnectionPools
fixed a connection cleanup issue.