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Added action to support running the quickstart as a test - org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.SystemPrintln

Putting the right test class in the "Test suite()"



Don't drop databases on each AS startup.


Make sure we can build from build/jbossesb and from product/tools/console

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  1. /trunk/product/tools/console/management/lib
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Protect from NPE.


Add deployment name to ConfigTree.

JBESB-846, backing out the fix, this is not a juddi but a messagestore issue
JBESB-846, making the deployment order specific, so the juddi db gets created first.
Cleaning up import statements
JBESB-841 part 2. adding the use of MVEL for mapping between esb and bpm.
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Rolled back - build was broken.
Testing object transmission.
Correct SendJMSMessage class' package name.


Logging full stack trace warnings if the service names are not unique

with an esb package's <services> tag, or if actio names are not unique

within a service.

Sorted out unique trigger name issue: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBESB-827
Some cleanup of the file based gateways + migrating them to use the ServiceInvoker
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JBESB-841 part 1. adding the use of MVEL for mapping between esb and drools.
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Add comments.

JBESB-839 *Test -> *UnitTest
JBESB-838, renaming to UnitTest
Fixed quickstart properties: JBESB-840
Adding build dir to svn ignore
JBESB-571, upgrading Drools4.0MR3 to 4.0.GA
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remove package.
Mark seems to have a timing issue. Trying to reduce the number of messages sent.
Minor text clarification.
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