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QA Test for JMS:

1. Listeners (ESB Aware + Gateway) - Queue and Topic

2. Couriers - Queue and Topic

  1. /trunk/qa/junit/src/org/jboss/soa/esb/jms
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Return error message rather than throwing exception so that the Invoker

sees the error. The invoker can be remote and will not see console



Add link to jbossesb console.

  1. /trunk/product/samples/quickstarts/jms_topic
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made a property optional and enhanced the log generation

a little bit. Now, logs are clean CSVs that can be imported

into Open Office or Excel easily.

Creating IR1 branch
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Copying IR1 checkpoint
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Display operation results in descending order, protect against NPE in InvokerAction.


Fix resetCounter.

Contextualised jboss rules rule bases: JBESB-704
Make jbossesb.esb dependency implicit: JBESB-1081

Fix trailblazer default target.


Remove verbose console logging from monitoring.cfg.xml and from DataCollectorAction.java.


Add mysql/oracle support for management console.

updating readme for both option1 and option2 type requests
Finishing up work on http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBESB-626. added option1 and option2 logic
Tidy up: JBESB-1097
New lifecycle resource management codebase: JBESB-1097
Removed ConfigurationControllerService: JBESB-1098
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Removed compiled classes: JBESB-1096
JBESB-1051, suspending tx when calling JAXR, then resuming after the call.
Work for JBESB-1095 "make DefaultJMSPropertiesSetter set the JMSCorrelationID"

Work for JBESB-1065 "Add Peristent, Priority, and TimeToLive to NotifyJMS and JMSRouter".

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Add Queues and services for management console.


Add management console.

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Add types for JBossESB management console.

Removed MySQL configurator- wrong repository
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