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Remove maxThreads: JBESB-1733
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Support setting of local scope jBPM variables: JBESB-1843
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  1. /trunk/qa/junit/resources/server/jbpmLocal
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Removed that darn FileWriter test code grrrr
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Tidy up some actions: JBESB-1871

Made life very difficult for myself. Tried updating the test runner code but ran into one of those snowball issues where fixing it required fixing 2 other things etc etc, so I just reverted it back :-(

Included SFTP/FTPS changes: JBESB-1877
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Update build version: JBESB-1875
Fixed timestamp update: JBESB-1770

Update plugin with bytes processed and failed.

make acknowledgement consistent: JBESB-1872
Support BLOB/CLOB for Oracle: JBESB-1833
Support BLOB/CLOB for Oracle: JBESB-1833

Make sure that we enforce unique service names by category.

Added support for binary/character types: JBESB-1805
Added support for binary/character types and use streams for blob/clob: JBESB-1805
Removed references to smooks-cdr and admin console: JBESB-1870
Work for JBESB-1808 "business_rules_service QS is missing an action"

Work for JBESB-1856 "Update ServicesGuide section, "Content Based Routing using Smooks". The Smooks configuration example is missing."

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Handle wild card binding address: JBESB-1804
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Work for "JBESB-1622" "Need to add an ESB reply to header"

Fix properties/dependencies: JBESB-1703
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