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Updated GAV coordinates
update thirdparty directory with JBossAS 7.0.1.Final
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update thirdparty directory with JBossAS 7.0.1.Final
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Update versions
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Tagging Alpha1
Update XML to include memcached cache config
Update dependency on AS from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1
JBPAPP-6718 Added cloud cache store
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Added a README file
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JBPAPP-6718 Added JDBC and Remote cache stores and their corresponding dependencies
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JBPAPP-6982 EndpointSubsystemParser produces incorrect DMR
Update to Infinispan 5.0.0.FINAL
add tx dependencies to module "org.jboss.as.clustering.infinispan"
Release scripts for alpha.
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CR1 not needed any more since it relies on Final already, so remove.
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JBPAPP-6950 LifecycleCallbacks from module server-core is ignored
updated config with optimizations based on performance tests
JBPAPP-6858: Added a dependency to the xstream module
changed config to a state that works on hudson
Use the right Infinispan version
JBPAPP-6721 - REST server webpage has Infinispan branding. This needs to change to EDG branding.

* Updated the overall page style

* Replaced the banner with text title and Red Hat documentation header

* Replaced 'Infinispan' with 'Enterprise Data Grid'

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Removed AS 7 welcome content from the distribution
Removed unused stuff from the package
Updated the configuration of the infinispan subsystem, following what QE folks use.
Set JGroups properties as defined in Infinispan/core/src/main/resources/jgroups-*.xml
Downgraded jgroups subsystem to 7.0.0.CR1 temporarily as a workaround for AS7-1260

Added a properties file that was added recently in the upstream
Removed an old AS 7 build
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Upgraded to AS 7.0.0.Final