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Fixed compiler warnings
* Succeeded to run the new infinispan subsystem with jgroups subsystem

* TODO: Sensible thread pool, jgroups, and cache configuration

* TODO: Replace the datagrid cachemanager subsystem with the new infinispan subsystem

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Upgraded to JBoss AS 7.0.0.CR1 (from 7.0.0.Beta3)

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Added 'target' directory to svn:ignore
Added AS 7.0.0.CR1 build
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* Removed code duplication

* Implemented server stop

Implemented endpoint startup
Removed unused configuration file
* Merged the two endpoint subsystems into one, u

* Made the new endpoint subsystem retrieve its settings from standalone.xml instead of .properties files, utilizing socket-bindings.

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Added more notes and fixed typo

AS 7 upgrade instruction

Added info about REST server

Updated to-dos

Integrated the REST server into the distribution

Made shell scripts executable

Added IDE-specific files to svn:ignore
Initial REST server integration

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JBPAPP-6661 - CacheNotFound exception for cache defined in infinispan-configuration.xml

* Fix a bug where not all configuration elements are loaded into the cache manager

Fixed class loader issues related with JBoss Modules
Fixed class loader issues related with JBoss Modules
Updated copyright headers
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* Updated svn:ignore

* Organized imports

Updated the build steps in line with the downgrade to 7.0.0.Beta3

Fixed startup problems with AS 7.0.0.Beta3

Fixed as-build output path

Use a release instead of a snapshot for JBossAS

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Updated to the latest schema

Added a note on building AS 7
Removed finished to-do items

* Made HotRodService and MemcachedService depend on CacheManagerService and consume the EmbeddedCacheManager that CacheManagerService creates

* Fixed configuration errors that prevented the JGroups transport from starting