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2.6.6 tagging

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Tagging JBoss Portal 2.6.6

Using tagged releases
  1. /modules/test/tags/JBP_TEST_1_0_1_SP1/build
  1. … 217 more files in changeset.
Adding 1.0.3

  1. … 217 more files in changeset.
Will be tagged with non-trunk releases
Extra spaces added with Sybase ASE
Set a size suitable for Sybase ASE
- Fixes for tests. They should pass once all the modules are updated...
- Fixed getDelegate and made ManageableServiceFactory public to fix the tests, which should now all pass.
Updated to use test and common 1.1.2.
Updated to use test 1.0.3 and common trunk-SNAPSHOT. Will need proper version of common before release.
For Portal 2.7. Updated to use common trunk-SNAPSHOT for now. Will need a proper release of common 1.2.x for 2.7 release.
Updated to
- Update to common 1.1.2 for 2.6.6+

- Added 1.0.3 version of test, based off of version 1.1.2 of common.

Removed extra files.
- Updated to 1.1.2.

- Cleaned up extra files.

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- Added 1.1.2.

- JBPORTAL-1757: Updated workflow documentation.
- JBPORTAL-1757: Updated workflow documentation.
- Fixed comment since workflow service is now active by default.
- Added documentation on WSRP validation mode.

- Updated producer configuration screenshots.

- Added documentation on WSRP validation mode.
remove ConcurrentReaderHashMap in favor of j.u.c.ConcurrentHashMap for the natural object id bache
It's a war
- Fix page naming issue