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JBPORTAL-2348: Portlet cache scope is case sensitive in portlet.xml
[JBPORTAL-2313] portal samples tests
JBEPP-48: Portlet cache scope is case sensitive in portlet.xml
Align dependencies with EAP CP04 dependencies
adding htmls for all docs
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Update the build scripts to properly build the jboss-portal deployable.

Update how some of the metadata is handled to prevent null pointer exceptions.

Remove ehcache.xml files and re-enable second level hibernate support with the HashtableCacheProvider.

Remove dtd files from core as they are being handled by the deployer.

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Fix build scripts to properly build and deploy the main JBoss Portal deployable.
Remove ehcache.xml files as they are no longer used with AS5.

Re-enable second level cache using HashtableCacheProvider.

Remove implicit-mode reference from the Coordination Samples page as its not a valid xml element for page.
Add url navigator support for the vfszip protocol.
Fix minor issues with the metadata classes.
test fixes
test fixes
JBEPP-47: User profile portlet shows JSF auto generated id in password field error message
JBPORTAL-2345: User profile portlet shows JSF auto generated id in password field error message

minor clarification on coord
minor coord fix
JBEPP-45: Partial refresh and Drag and drop aren't always working correctly
JBEPP-44: NullPointerException may happen when destroying a session
JBEPP-43: Identity portlet english resrource file typo
JBEPP-42: Several submit buttons in a form don't work with partial refresh enabled
JBEPP-41: Portal admin portlet / Dashboard configuration can be slow with many objects/dasboards
JBEPP-40: Performance degrades as number of portal objects/dashboard increases
JBEPP-39: Page parameters updates are not reflected with partial refresh
JBEPP-38: When using explicit parameters, those parameters aren't passed
- Updated from 2.7.2

- Slightly modified styles (green instead of red for DnD zones, re-added bigger tab menu with less padding)

- Minor improvements.

Fix testcase

add transaction to testGetChild
Fix typo which caused modes to not be set properly.
Fix the merged parsing deployer to handle the situation where a jboss-portlet.xml file is missing and no appId has been set.