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cp01 pdfs
update for epp 4.3 cp01
update for epp cp01
update for epp cp01 release
update for epp cp01
JBQA-2181: NPE on denied access

update version numbers
JBQA-2181: NPE on denied access

NPE on denied access
disabling not relevant tests for epp
enabling tests disabled by mistake
disabling coordination and bugportlet
JBPORTAL-2368: Setting the ResourceResponse.HTTP_STATUS_CODE property does not modify the actual server response status code
add xaction
- Removed useless (and wrong) dependency.
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- Minor: use safe cast.
- Moved read methods to CoordinationManager as it's more logical for them to be there.

- CoordinationConfigurator now extends CoordinationManager.

- Producer can now validate registration properties. Of course, current implementation of acceptValueFor is no-op, so...
[selenium] - longer ajax timeout
[selenium] - nearly all javadoc
Using Portlet Bidge CR1

Tagging examples

  1. /examples/tags/Enterprise_Portal_Platform_4_3_GA_CP01
Tagging CP01 doc

- Using correct version (Will show SP1 instead of CP1 since the Version class is packaged in the common module and I don't want to tag the common module just for that)

[JBEPP-60] [JBEPP-54] - Using PortletResponse.addProperty(javax.servlet.http.Cookie) does not set the cookie in the response
[selenium] - more javadoc, more more...
Tagging EPP 4.3 CP01

  1. /tags/Enterprise_Portal_Platform_4_3_GA_CP01
JBEPP-52: HA-CMS: NullPointerException after fail-over

Using CMS 1.2.5

using 1.2.5

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